Andrea Iervolino, 30 years old, is one of the most powerful Italian businessman.

He awarded Knighthood of Italian Republic (Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana) on June 18, 2018 by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Italian Consulate of Canada for recognition of his outstanding achievement in the fields of business and media culture.

He awarded as Best Producer at 71^ Venice Film Festival, together with Al Pacino and Barry Levinson.

He was named filmmaker of the year for his roles as producer of In Dubious Battle at Capri Hollywood Film Festival 2016.
In 2015 he becomes “Ambassador of Italian Cinema in the world” and “Best Italian Businessman of the world”. He received many other awards during his successful career.

He was named one of Variety’s 2015 Dealmakers.

In 2016 and 2018 he awarded at ICFF – Italian Contemporary Film Festival as Best Producer and businessman.

At thirteen, Andrea Iervolino launched a small tech business selling websites with his friends to local entrepreneurs in Cassino, where it was unusual to use the Internet for advertising.

In 2018, he launched TaTaTu – a block-chain based platform, intertwining social media activity with entertainment viewing through which users are rewarded to watch movies, television episodes and other forms of content, and receive additional rewards from their friends’ viewing.[9] In June 2018, TaTaTu Token sold over $575 million worth of its currency through an initial coin offering (ICO), making it the third-largest coin offering, behind Telegram and EOS, respectively.

He has been a producer since the age of 15, producing, financing and distributing over 70 films.
Co founder with Monika Bacardi of a number different production companies, he is currently, the youngest and most highly regarded Italian entrepreneurs in the world of film-making.
Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi’s AMBI Media Group is currently on a strong upward roll, producing and putting together many of those films that will be screened in forthcoming movie and television seasons.


With his Italian-Canadian origins, he was born in Cassino, in the province of Lazio, to his Canadian-born mother Sonia and his father Giovanni, from an early age he experienced severe family hardship due to the financial difficulties his family faced.

So Andrea, as a child, was forced to roll up his sleeves and work in order to be independent and not be an extra burden on his family’s already laden shoulders.
At the age of 15 he left home to work in a company in northern Italy and in just six months he learnt how to manage the production of theatrical shows.
In September of the same year he came back to his home town and decided to produce his first film.

So he started looking for small investors willing to sponsor his project, with an old kind of crowd funding, by asking people for small investments of around 50 Euros. The people decided to believe in him and give him an opportunity, especially thanks to the young boy’s talents of persuasion and initiative.

At the age of 16 he produced his first film, and after failing to distribute it in cinemas he invented a new distribution model, to which a name was also given: Cine School Day. The distribution strategy involved adding a film into the school curriculum, giving the opportunity to students, during school time, on payment of a reduced-price ticket, to go to the cinema in the morning and watch a film that would open the door for social debates.

He therefore created a real library of films with strong social themes and proposed them to schools, complete with information brochures and ideas for debate. Sometimes, at screenings, actors and producers of the film also took part, driven by Andrea’s enthusiasm.

The initiative gained so much importance that even the senator for life Giulio Andreotti attended as spokesperson.

In 2013, Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, launched AMBI Media Group, an investment company who task is to provide financial backing for medium to high-budget international films featuring Hollywood names.

Following the launch of AMBI Media Group in 2013, Iervolino and his business partner went on to launch AMBI Distribution in Beverly Hills and AIC Studios in Toronto. Today, AMBI Media Group has offices in London, China, and Italy as well.

In 2015, Iervolino’s company acquired 85% of the Exclusive Media Group (EMG) film librarary in partnership with New York-based private equity firm Raven Capital Management granting licensing, sequel and remake rights to over 400 features including Begin Again, Cruel Intentions, Donnie Darko, End of Watch, Ides of March, Rush, The Skulls, Snitch, Undefeated, and Momento. These along with many more worldwide box-office hits are now listed in AMBI Exclusive’s library and relicensed to clients around the world.

Beginning in 2015, Iervolino and Lady Bacardi began the AMBI Gala Foundation and hosted the first annual AMBI Gala. The proceeds of the gala were given to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for investing in environmental causes. The gala was held just before the night of the TIFF in Toronto.

Iervolino is one of the first film producers to produce a film involving the Pope. Pope Francis appeared as himself in the film, Beyond the Sun, which premiered with a private screening in Vatican City in September 2017.

Written and directed by Graciela Rodriguez, “Beyond the Sun” is a family adventure story where children from different cultures emulate the apostles while searching for Jesus in the world around them. The film will be uplifting and is intended to spiritually engage and encourage audiences of all ages to transmit Jesus words, to understand them and integrate them to live a better life, make good choices and help others.

The idea for the feature film emanated from his Holiness Pope Francis asking the filmmakers to do a movie for children that communicates Jesus’s message. Pope Francis makes special appearance in the movie.

The film shows him as a “man of the people”. He appears in a scene with the children, urging them to talk to Jesus and to read the gospels and he tells them: “Don’t think of [the gospels] as a huge book … The gospels are small. But you have to read them slowly, bit by bit. And you should be with someone who can explain whatever you don’t understand.

“I recommend people who are adults to always carry a small gospel with them in their pockets, in the woman’s purse, because – on the subway or on the bus, or waiting at the doctor’s, who knows – you can read a little. Or you keep it at home.”

He continues: “Speak to Jesus … Tell him what’s happening to you. What happened today. Tell him the things you saw and you disliked, or in the school or out in the streets, or in your family … Jesus is waiting for you, and he is looking for you, and you don’t realise … Look for him, and that’s how you will find each other. Dare to do it.”

Pope Francis was willing to participate in the movie to support charity as all profits from “Beyond the Sun” will be donated to one selected charity – El Buen Samaritano (located in Argentina) which support Pope Francis’ social and spiritual message within the film.

That year he also received an Honoris Cause Degree from Vasile Goldis University, in the city of Arad.